San Francisco Bluffs Engagements

California has many breathtaking bluffs, where the rugged mountainside meets the vast expanse of the ocean. Beautiful hillsides, dramatic views and cliffs, all of which you can find at Fort Funston in San Francisco. Kylee and Dalton decided to have their engagements captured here and I was thrilled! The stunning backdrop of nature is remarkable. Here on the hillside, their love story unfolded before my lens. They made it look so effortless. Moving and flowing together while I photographed their love for each other. Towards the end of our time together, we made our way down to the shoreline, where the crashing waves added a special element to the photoshoot. Kylee and Dalton walked and danced along the sandy beach, creating a scene of pure joy and serenity against the ocean. I brought my film camera to their shoot and that took their engagement photos over the edge! I love doing this and as always, it was absolute magic capturing their love and the majestic beauty of the mountainside and beach.