San Francisco City Elopement

Personally, I don't think that I could ever live in San Francisco, but it has been my favorite place to shoot at recently. When photographing, I love trying to use the space and architecture around me to first of all, capture that in the photo, but also to figure out ways to help draw attention to my couple or subject. I also love having my couples explore and dance around beautiful spaces. And that's just what we did for Simon and Eunice's elopement. I know that SO MANY PEOPLE get married at City Hall. But it truly is such a beautiful building, and I'm all for it! Though to be honest and to warn you, the rotunda at the top of the stairs at City Hall where most people have their civil ceremony, I don't love it. The color/tint there is a little funky, but don't worry, I have figured out how to edit the colors well:) Another warning about city hall is that it can be loud and echo a lot. But overall, I love shooting there and there are so many fun options of where to shoot there!

My new favorite bar in San Francisco is The House of Shields, (, which is where we went after their ceremony. They are so accommodating and overall amazing! E + S had reached out to them before their elopement. They knew that The House of Shields allows events there, so they emailed to ask if we'd be able to do pictures there. The owner emailed back and said we could do pictures there before they were even open for business! They let us in and we had it to ourselves! We played music, danced, and ran around the bar for an hour before going back outside to get Eunice's, "just eloped running through the city shot". 10/10 recommend booking your private event (elopement?!) at The House of Shields... and booking me as your photographer for it:)